About Us

Lynnie and Rose started as so many businesses do - I saw something I liked and thought "I bet I can make that myself and then it will match PERFECTLY!"

I'm Marlie, the main designer and creator of our bows (with some much appreciated help from my husband and friends). I have three passions in life: 1. Being a mama and wife, 2. Being a Labor and Delivery Nurse, 3. Creating handmade items, from bows and blankets, to clothes and anything else I can dream up!

I first started making bows for a friend's daughter. Her mama was sweet enough to ask me for help in creating the perfect accessories for her. I loved the creative outlet it provided, as well as the challenge of doing something new. I took every opportunity to cover her in handmade accessories and bows (the bigger the better, as her mama likes 'em!). She's the Lynnie.

9 months after Lynnie was born came our own baby. We decided to let the gender be a surprise, and we were quite sure our little sweet pea was going to be a mister and not a miss. Just in case, though, I made a matching bow for every gender neutral outfit I brought to the hospital, because, of course! Just after delivery, my husband, eyes full of happy tears, exclaimed "it's a girl!" She's the Rose.

Needless to say, our home quickly became my workshop. I was creating everything I could for our little girl, from shoes, to dresses and bows. I found myself having the most fun creating handmade bows and headbands. I couldn't get enough of them!

That's where our Bow Subscription came in. I knew I couldn't be the only mama who felt that way. Surely, there's no such thing as too many bows! The hard parts are deciding which bows to buy, hoping they will all fit (and not leave a major mark on her sweet little head) and most importantly, not breaking the bank. 



In February 2020, I made the decision to return to my work as a Labor and Delivery RN. I so enjoyed staying home, caring for my babies and creating bows and blankets late into every night, but as our lives changed, I found myself longing for more time with babies, when not at work. My work for this business was always here waiting on me and I too often felt strained to fit it all in. September 2020 marked our last month for our Subscription Bows, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be around periodically with something new. And Marshmallow Minky isn’t going anywhere. I can’t give up all of my creative outlets : )